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Thesis Exhibit - 'St. Sebastian' + 'Theotokos'

Mandem's thesis exhibit was displayed in two sections. In the front, we displayed our 2D oil paintings (The Trials of St. Sebastian andTranslating Theotokos series). In the back, we displayed our 3D encaustic/sculpture/collage works. This post includes photos from the front half of our gallery space.

If you’re going to be near north Florida before May 1st, take a moment to visit the FSU Museum of Fine Arts to check out the entire Graduating Artists show.

Showing here (left to right):

- Sebastian’s Psychopomps: Artemis and Athena

- Translating Theotokos: The Usury of God

- Domestication #4 - Unnamed

- The Trials of St. Sebastian: Paion

- The Trials of St. Sebastian: Hyacinth

- The Trials of St. Sebastian: Cypress


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