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The Doll (Act III)

This anachronistic non-linear fairytale parallels two narratives that resolve into a single story, but the unfolding of a narrative plot is less significant than its accompanying reversal of expectations.


Using the symbolism of old European folk magic, this silent short film tells a story about loss, motherhood, othering, and acceptance.


The film was created using pixilation (live actor stop-motion), a process involving over 2,000 hand-processed still photographs.

About Our Photography

Generous support for our work has been received from arts organizations, including the following:

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Here are the smells of ichor, petrichor, fruits, flowers, and the coldness of coming snow. Only humans are afraid, but only saints are stoic.....

The "Medical Trials of the Saints" series takes religious/mythical memes from art history and re-imagines them in a posthuman context. 

the photographs are in visual dialogue with the early Pictorialists (in particular, innovator Julia Margaret Cameron — whose photographs of children denied patriarchal expectations, or F. Holland Day — who used the medium to draw links between homoerotic desire and mythic/religious topics). Some of the photographic works also nod to the photo collage and watercolor techniques developed and shared by Victorian women (half a century before male surrealists and Dada artists appropriated collage and cut-up for their own uses). 


Our work remixes aesthetic elements of 19th and early-20th century photography with contemporary visual and cultural concerns. 

As self-portraits of the artist as a child, the surrealistic elements reference medical trauma, regeneration, and the power of make-believe.

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