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About Our Paintings

Generous support for our work has been received from arts organizations, including the following:

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Our art is an exercise in categorical violations, simulation, and narrative...

We are radically interdisciplinary, working across the spectrum of media and materials.  Our paintings are in critical dialogue with art history, religious iconography / mythology, and various –punk aesthetics.  Our work deals with transmutation and evolution — capturing the metamorphic moments of life where everything changes, and telling the stories of multivalent, multi-textured, variegated things.  

​At the core, MANDEM is a metamodernist, gleefully stealing from and queering the aesthetics of both post- and pre-modernism. (For example, we use the language of classical realism, which is primarily concerned with physical perfection, to assert the value of disabled bodies.) An attraction to narrative leads us to work in series, adapting our aesthetic techniques and materials to the concept of each project.


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