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A Wish That I May Come Amongst You

About "A Wish That I May Come Amongst You"

Each card has a story that is both personal and universal... “readers” will find their own resonances and meanings in these re-imagined images from mythology.

A Wish That I May Come Amongst You is a limited-edition artist book comprised of nine storytelling cards (prints on cotton fiber paper), presented in a hand- decorated wooden box and accompanied by a short film on DVD (available exclusively through the Dayton Visual Arts Center’s inaugural CSA(rt) program).

Each page portrays a different archetypal folktale or mythical narrative about childbirth or children. The unbound pages of this artist book may be shuffled into any order, allowing the reader to manipulate the cards and shape the meaning of the story. 

Included on DVD was The Doll (Act III), an anachronistic non-linear fairytale paralleling two narratives that resolve into a single story. Using the symbolism of old Appalachian/European folk magic, this silent short film tells a story about loss, motherhood, and acceptance. It was created using pixilation (live actor stop-motion).

This project was completed in Studio II at Negative Space Gallery (Cleveland, Ohio) during MANDEM’s residency.

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