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'Hypermobility' Updates

We have updated the image gallery on the Hypermobility Website. In addition to gearing up for the solo show this month at Il Palmerino, we have now exhibited two paintings from the series at group shows in Italy, and the response has been very encouraging. As always, we welcome your feedback of any kind! Let us know what you think.

| | About Hypermobility | |
MANDEM is a working team of two artists, one of whom lives with the genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that causes failure of connective tissue. The Hypermobility series recenters that disability as a form of beauty via MANDEM's signature approach to the classical realist tradition of figure painting. Using EDS-diagnosed studio models, the series captures moments where joints hyperextend or dislocate and the body moves into broken-seeming, impossible configurations. MANDEM's technique-oriented mixed media/oil paintings explode the line between medical documentation and art. Hypermobility is being completed during MANDEM's artist residency at the Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino in Florence, Italy. Their home studio is located in Cleveland, U.S.A.


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