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Cleveland Artists on Deck

Learn all about the (COVID-safe) CAN Journal Benefit, "Cleveland Artists on Deck," here: Card Game Promotes Cleveland Artists. (Thanks, ideastream!)

More information HERE:

This year the CAN Journal Benefit will be a bit different...

Do you know a lot of artists in Cleveland? Can you identify Cleveland artists just by looking at their work? Then you should join us for our CARD Game! "Cleveland Artists On Deck" challenges your knowledge of Cleveland art and artists, and supports CAN. It also gives you a way to participate in a COVID-safe, city-wide art event without exposing yourself to crowds.

The "Cleveland Artists On Deck" CARD Game features a full deck of commemorative playing cards with work by a different Cleveland artist on each card. Using a score sheet (provided with the deck), you identify the artists to win. For $75, your CARD Game package includes a bottle of wine, treats, the boxed deck of playing cards, directions for play, and a score sheet. The game begins when you pop the cork and open the deck!

Game Package Pick-up / Delivery: October 29 – 31 at 78th Street Studios.

Answers due November 13.

Winners announced November 20 during the CAN Winter 2020-2021 issue launch event at Framed Gallery.

Send us your score sheet by Friday November 13, and CAN will tally your answers. Three players who name the most artists correctly will win fabulous prizes! Answer bonus questions for other ways to win! Winners will be announced the following week, Friday, November 20, online and during the CAN Journal Launch Event at Framed Gallery.

Playing cards courtesy of Wally Lanci. Drinks provided by Front International Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, Transformer Station, and Constantino's Market. Treats by The Dalad Group. CAN extends profound thanks to them, and to all of you, for your support.

To get your deck and play the CARD Game, click here:


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