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Cited in essay by art scholar Jerry Cullum

Work by MANDEM was discussed in the essay “History of Religions and Cultural Fashions Revisited,” written by art critic and scholar Dr. Jerry Cullum. The essay was published in the anthology From Influence and Confluence to Difference and Indifference: Studies on History of Religions (Michael Gligor, editor).

The publisher, Cluj University Press, is a Romanian academic publishing house that has been noted for the prestige and quality of their published works by the National University Research Council of Higher Education.

Cullum describes MANDEM’s art as “unsettling paintings that reinterpret religious themes in light of present‐day gender instabilities and looming environmental apocalypses,” describing how they fit into a contemporary interdisciplinary response to the history of religion and shifts in cultural fashions.

More information about this anthology is available from Cluj University Press. [June 15, 2017. Story originally published here.]


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