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13th 'From Woman' at the Gallery at Lakeland

Art by Mandem at the From Woman Gallery Show at The Gallery at Lakeland (Kirkland, OH), curated by Mary Urbas. Since the gallery has been closed due to COVID-19, please enjoy the following curatorial video walk-through. [Our work is shown at 32:42min.]

For those of you who haven't seen the "Gift: Exegesis" book in person, the flip-through of the book in this video is particularly worth checking out.

(Photo courtesy of Jeremiah Mrazeck)


  • Translating Theotokos ('The Medical Trials of the Saints' series) ~ Oils & Mixed Media Painting on Canvas


  • Her Brother's Keeper ('Domestication' series) ~ Encaustic Collage on Embroidery Hoops (Mixed Media)

[Book Stand]

  • GIFT: Exegesis ~ Artist Book with Encaustic (Mixed Media)


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