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‘Community Supported Art’ Grant (Dayton Visual Arts Center)

MANDEM has been selected to receive the inaugural CSA(rt): Community Supported Art grant from the Dayton Visual Arts Center (Dayton, OH).

Six artists — Amy Kollar Anderson, Douglas Fiely, Paula Willmot Kraus, MANDEM, Brooke Medlin, and Joel Whitaker — were selected to to create an original work in an edition of 50. The artists were chosen by guest juror James Yood (Art Institute of Chicago) to receive this significant grant.

The Community Supported Art Program is designed to strengthen the art community by supporting the careers of emerging artists and cultivating collectors. CSA — Community Supported Art — is a self-sustaining economic model based on the concept of Community Supported Agriculture. The program’s products are created by artists and income is sustained by the CSA members. CSAs are built upon connections between artists and the community.

To learn more about DVAC’s CSA, visit

MANDEM is currently an artist in residence at the Residenza d'Arte il Palmerino ( and teaching art through FSU’s International Program in Florence, Italy ( They are preparing a new body of work (the Hypermobility painting series) for several European art exhibits.


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